Custom Manufacturing

Manufacturing Abilities

Horner International boasts a broad range of proprietary processing capabilities, and we manufacture flavors and extracts for some of the world’s largest flavor and consumer products companies, all under strict confidentiality. As a privately held firm, Horner offers the ultimate in flexibility and trust. We have, for example, grown proprietary plants on the Horner farm and then processed them in our own factory according to customers’ own methods. From seed to shelf, we can manage the entire supply chain of novel and proprietary ingredients. Some customers patent the results, others prefer to guard them as trade secrets; the choice is yours. Here are some recent examples of custom manufacturing at Horner:


  • Isolation of Novel Natural Flavor Molecules
  • Separation and Purification of Semi-finished, Flavor Materials
  • Natural Colors
  • Non-Caloric, Natural Sweeteners
  • Separation of Natural Pyrazines
  • Natural Drug Isolates

Want to grow or process a novel flavor ingredient but don’t know how? Have a groundbreaking idea for a new processing technique and want to scale it up quickly?  Let’s get the conversation started and see how we can work together.

  • Static and agitated
  • Utilizing a variety of different sized reactors and vessels
  • High pressure
  • Diverse solvent ranges
  • Traditional stills
  • High performance, proprietary units
  • Low heat/high vacuum processing to avoid product degradation
Drying and Roasting
  • Gentle drying capabilities for a wide range of low-moisture powders
  • Roasting of raw materials and finished goods
  • Special excipient-free drying processes, similar to spray drying, but without the use of dextrose or other carriers
Dry and Wet Blending
  • Dry blending and packaging into small bags or supersacks
  • Wet blending and packaging into nearly any sized package, including tanker trucks
  • Coarse and fine grindings for raw materials and finished goods
Pilot Plant Processing
  • Ability to run small batches in truly scalable units
  • Advanced pilot equipment for specialized product development

Industries Served

Our all-natural extracts and flavors are used across a wide variety of industries and products. Each style of product is custom-made to fit the specific regulatory and sensory requirements of our customers.

Brewing & Distilling